Magnificent Gifts for the 75th

February 13, 2010— April 4, 2010

American Collection

We chose to give Circus because we enjoyed it for years. Now is the time to share it with others.
–James and Virginia Moffett

Thanks to the generosity of its 75th Anniversary donors, the American collection, too, has been greatly enriched, with 16 gifts and promised gifts on view. Raphaelle Peale’s exquisitely rendered Still Life with Liqueurs and Fruit and Rembrandt Peale’s loving Portrait of the Artist’s Wife, gift and promised gift of Sarah and Landon Rowland, reveal qualities that came to distinguish American painting at the beginning of the 19th century.

Other excellent works will further enhance the collection and include John La Farge’s watercolor Hollyhocks and George de Forest Brush's painting Standing Inca, the two most recent gifts from Mr. and Mrs. R. Crosby Kemper Jr.; Louis Freund’s Circus, a generous gift from James and Virginia Moffett; and Irene Rice Pereira’s abstract painting Three White Squares, a promised gift from Daniel P. Winter.

Rembrandt Peale         
American, 1778–1860
Portrait of the Artist’s Wife, ca. 1805
Oil on panel
Promised gift of Sarah and Landon Rowland in honor of the 75th anniversary of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, 5.2009

Harry Louis Freund  
American, 1905–1999
Circus, ca. 1935
Oil on Masonite-type board
Gift of James and Virginia Moffett in honor of the 75th anniversary of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, 2009.49.1

Irene Rice Pereira, American (1902-1971). Three White Squares, 1940. Oil on canvas. Promised gift of Daniel P. Winter in honor of the 75th anniversary of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, 17.2010.


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