Art in the Age of Steam: Europe, America and the Railway, 1830-1960

The Formative Years in Europe

The Formative Years in Europe presents the early development of the railroad, especially in Britain and France.The first railroad images to appear in Britain were prints, which enjoyed an extensive sale and helped make the new concept of railroad travel more familiar and acceptable to the public. J.C. Bourne's prints and drawings depict feats of engineering: the tunnels, bridges, embankments and cuttings necessary to keep the route level and thus make high speeds possible. In France, the photographer Edouard Baldus promoted the legitimacy of the new railroads by portraying them like timeless monuments, a modern equivalent of the roads and aqueducts of the Roman Empire.

S. G. Hughes,
Travelling on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, 1833

John Cooke Bourne, 1814-1896
Great Ventilating Shaft, Kilsby Tunnel, 1836-1838

John Cooke Bourne, 1814-1896
No. 1 Tunnel, 1846

John Cooke Bourne, 1814-1896
Wharncliffe Viaduct, 1846

John Osborn Brown,
Belah Viaduct, 1869

Auguste-Hippolyte Collard, 1812-1897
Roundhouse for Thirty-Two Locomotives, at Nevers, on the Bourbonnais Railway, 1860-1863

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