Art in the Age of Steam: Europe, America and the Railway, 1830-1960

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Since its invention, the railroad has been a sign of technological progress, modernity, and, in the United States, avehicle to the West and new adventures. The railroad has been depicted in art and photography many different ways over the years. In this book display we have chosen 27 titles about different topics that relate to the railroad. The topics include the railroad in art, the history of the railroad, railroad station architecture and design, and a few titles about travel and tourism advertising.

To explore these subjects more fully, this resource list includes further suggestions for reading and viewing. Some of the listed materials are in the collections of the Spencer Art Reference Library, and others are in the collection of the Educator Resource Center, as indicated. For other titles, please check your local public library. If you have questions, please contact the reference staff at the Spencer Art Reference Library.

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Rails, Trains and Stations: The Railroad and Art in Architecture (PDF)

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