Art in the Age of Steam: Europe, America and the Railway, 1830-1960

States of Mind

States of Mind, which covers the late 19th and early 20th centuries, portrays the railroad less realistically in order to evoke feelings and ideas associated with the railroad and with railroad journeys. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's painting presents a harsh urban industrial environment carved up by railroad tracks. The melancholy and alienation induced by rail travel are depicted by the Surrealist Giorgio de Chirico and in the more realistic works of Edward Hopper. Thomas Hart Benton's subject dreams of a nightmarish railroad accident. Paintings by Paul Delvaux eerily juxtapose the female nude and the train, while Henri Magritte, in his celebrated Time Transfixed, uses the locomotive as a symbol of passing time temporarily brought to a halt.

Wassily Kandinsky, 1866-1944
Winter Landscape, 1911

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1880-1938
View from the Window, 1914

Paul Delvaux, 1897-1994
The Last Carriage, 1975

Edward Hopper, 1882-1967
Approaching a City, 1946

René Magritte, 1898-1967
Time Transfixed, 1938

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