Akbar’s son Jahangir maintained an active interest in other faiths, while continuing to honor the Sufi saints patronized by his family.  In these facing images from the opening of a Mughal album, Jahangir pays homage to a shaykh, the founder of the Chishti order of Sufis, named Mu’in al-Din. The shaykh holds a large globe with a crown on top. The writing on the globe reads “The key to the conquest of the two worlds is entrusted to your hand.” Jahangir also holds a globe, which has a key embedded in the top.  Jahangir is entrusted with upholding both the spiritual and political realms. Jahangir often spoke of spiritual matters in his memoirs when this painting was made. During this time, he also publically honored Sufi traditions by undertaking pilgrimages to Sufi shrines, and respected the mullahs and other holy figures that formed part of the administration at court.


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