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Alexander Ross, American, b. 1960, b. Denver, Colorado
Untitled, 2004

Oil on canvas
Unframed: 5 feet 8 inches x 10 feet 1/2 inches (172.72 x 306.07 cm)

Purchase: acquired through the generosity of the William T. Kemper Foundation---Commerce Bank, Trustee, 2004.39

Copyright licenses received for museum programming & commercial use.

Location: Gallery L6

Alexander Ross’ Untitled depicts an organic, corpuscular form hovering before a blue sky. The form is treated with technical virtuosity and photorealistic attention to detail. Yet, exactly what this entity is—animal, mineral, vegetable—remains elusive. Fusing what is bizarre yet familiar, lifelike yet artificial, realistic yet abstract, Ross’ agglomerations of matter are like cellular specimens of an alien creature, whose irregular shapes suggest growth gone awry.

Ross draws inspiration from science, recent technological developments and emerging bio-sciences. Despite his interest in technological advancements, his painting technique is rooted in tradition. Ross generates his imagery by making detailed plasticine clay models of his subject. He photographs these forms and then paints from the photographs with meticulous attention to detail.

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