Electromediascope Spring 2008: The Greenaway Chronicles

April 11, 2008—April 25, 2008

Specific dates: April 11, 18 and 25

Location: Atkins Auditorium

Peter Greenaway is a prolific filmmaker, visual artist, curator, writer and developer of projects for the World Wide Web. Beginning with his early shorts in the 1960s through his mainstream films and most recent multimedia projects, Greenaway's accomplishments as a director and his contributions to the development of critical, experimental cinema and related media are continuously evident.

In his early films Greenaway develops ideas visually through drawing, painting, photography and found images that are often framed by a voice-over reminiscent of television documentaries and classroom films. Greenaway's strategies include presenting series of disjunctive facts that may require resolution and explorations of pseudo-biographical histories and metaphorical dimensions of image and sound that exceed their literal content.

In addition to his original footage, Greenaway also makes use of news reports and photographic and cinematic archives. Twins and doubling often appear in his works as variations of particular details or themes that appear to repeat but are also different. Recognition and paradox lie between these differences.

April 11: The program begins with six short films from the 1960s and 1970s including Windows, Dear Phone and Water Wrackets.

April 18: The program continues with a screening of the first half of The Falls, a mammoth, fantastical, absurdist encyclopedia of flight-associated material all relating to ninety-two victims of what is referred to as the Violent Unknown Event.

April 25: The series concludes with the second half of The Falls.

Image: Peter Greenaway, British. The Falls, 1980, 185 min., 16mm film shown on DVD.

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