Electromediascope Fall 2008: Opening Networks

September 12, 2008—September 26, 2008

Specific dates: September 12, 19 and 26

Location: Atkins Auditorium

The world has recently entered a different and more fluid phase of online interactivity through multiple mediums including the World Wide Web. Increasingly robust, ubiquitous computing devices are replacing older desktop computers and leading to less restrictive and potentially more creative and collaborative every day human-to-humans-to-networked-machines interactivity.

Mobile phones, digital cameras and gaming devices are increasing the potential for innovative and creative uses of wireless digital media. Individual artists and groups of people who know and don't know each other are initiating projects that make use of networked media to explore creative and critically engaging uses of information technology.

Opening Networks will feature in-person presentations by Mark Daggett and Jon Phillips who will introduce their own work and other digital media projects on consecutive Friday evenings.

Image: Scalable City, Sheldon Brown., USA, 2007, 4:04 min. Cinematic output from multiuser computer game environment. Image still courtesy of the artist.

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