The Bloch Building at Night

Parking Garage and J.C. Nichols Plaza

Groundbreaking took place on April 2, 2001 for the first phase of the Museum’s transformation project: an underground, two-level parking garage, topped by a plaza of black granite. In the center of the plaza is a reflecting pool that houses a commissioned work by American sculptor Walter de Maria called One Sun / 34 Moons.

Thirty-four circular windows, or oculi, rest in the bottom of the pool. As daylight shines through these skylights, it shimmers and dances on the floor of the garage below. Conversely, nighttime lighting in the oculi shines upward through these windows, creating a gentle glow in the pool and softly illuminating the surrounding plaza.

Parking Garage Interior

The unique parking garage, opened in August 2002, grants visitors a dramatic first impression worthy of this world-class art museum.

The spacious J.C. Nichols Plaza atop the parking garage is graced by an elegant pool, positioned so the façades of both the 1933 neoclassical building and the northernmost lens will be reflected in the water.

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