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Stone and Mist: Chinese Landscape Photography by Michael Cherney

August 6, 2014–July 5, 2015

Nelson-Atkins Building, Gallery 222
Admission is FREE

Enjoy the remarkable photographs of American-born photographer Michael Cherney, who has lived and traveled in China for more than 20 years. Although he uses a camera to capture the images, he prints and mounts them as traditional Chinese scrolls.

These scrolls will take you on a trip to China. Travel down the Yangtze River, visit ancient Buddhist caves and view peaks shrouded in mist. You will also see the changing face of China's landscape. Megacities are replacing paddy fields and pollution is intensifying. This highlights the clash between China's ancient traditions and its search for modernity.

At the end of your journey, we invite you to decide for yourself whether these works are Western art created in China or Chinese art created by a Westerner.

Michael Cherney, American (b. 1969). Jia Ding Fu (section) from Ten Thousand Li of the Yangtze River (detail), 2013. Handscroll, photograph on xuan paper. Artist's collection.

"The appeal of traditional Chinese landscape painting is that works are intended only as hints at the potential the real world has to offer...My hope is to imbue photography with this sense of 'the rise and fall of the ten thousand things.'" – Michael Cherney

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