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Chromoplastic Mural by Luis Tomasello (Argentinean, b. 1915)
Bloch Building Gallery Walk

Video courtesy Sicardi Gallery

Chromoplastic Mural, by artist Luis Tomasello, consists of more than 600 white geometric forms (polyhedra) placed in a repetitive pattern along a wall to create a grid with equally proportioned spaces between the forms.

The inclined plane of each angled shape is painted a fluorescent color, which reflects off the surface of the white wall, producing a glowing chromatic atmosphere.

Tomasello is associated with Kinetic and Optical Art, 1960s movements prevalent in Paris. Kinetic art refers to work that moves or that gives the sensation of movement through its optical effects. As viewers move in relation to the overall work, the light, colors and surfaces appear to change dramatically.

Chromoplastic Mural is the most recent commission for The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and will be available for the public to view as it is installed during regular Museum hours. 

Luis Tomasello, born in Argentina in 1915, currently lives and works in Paris, France.

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