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2012 | Kelsie Middaugh

In my most recent photography I explore human existence as a transient state of being through images that remind us of our place in nature. Our world is in a constant state of change. Everything around us—even human nature itself—is in a continual state of flux. We struggle with disease, our minds, culture, emotion, intelligence, human dependence, and the various states of evolution that surround us. We are directly and indirectly connected to and affected by our surroundings. Without the appearance of humans there is no way to tell what shape the world would be in at this point in time but it is clear that man could not exist without the earth. We, as human beings, are durable but weak, hypocritical and cynical, intelligent but blind. Impermanence, in the human mindset of permanence, reflects a duality of existence. Could this complexity of human existence, which has lead humans to become the dominant species, be that which eventually destroys us?