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2012 | Matthew Rogers

My work takes the mundane and captures something truly unique hidden within it. From a forgotten tire along an empty road, a brigade of silver shopping carts or a ghostly field of trees standing like lonely sentinels—whether part of nature or man’s creation—each subject I choose has a character all its own. My photographs explore the geometry of things, their roughness, and their complexity of shape and are frequently inspired by my love for the outdoors. I sometimes allow the unaltered images to demonstrate the unique quality of the subject that I’m trying to capture. Other times, I use digital manipulation in order to tell the object’s story. Photography is my way to take off my cloak of invisibility. In the past, I often thought of myself as invisible—the kid that walks through the halls every day, but no one notices. Yet, I see things that others might not. Photography is a way to show the world how I see things.