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2012 | Hosain Ghassemi

Pictures are not taken but made. Through my photography I attempt to capture the uneasy, or creepy. Deep contrasts between artificial and natural lighting creates an ominous feeling across the page. Unreal ideas of ghosts and apparitions have been ingrained in the psyche of American culture from the inception of the silent horror film. Even as children, we all hold within us a predisposed fear of darkness, stemming from evolutionary necessity. By meshing the gap between superstitions and reality in my work, I suggest the viewer’s worst nightmares. Unlike today's often gory and truly disgusting films, my photos capture suspense, similar to the films of Alfred Hitchcock. Images composed with a single isolated figure capture him in an unending search throughout life and expose his relative weakness in the face of nature. Much like the naturalist writers of the 1990s, like Stephen Crane, man’s insignificance in the face of the natural and unnatural world is exhibited with often cinematic viewpoints.