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2012 | Evelyn Davis

Today we are inundated with loud color and action—we have forgotten the beauty of simplicity. I aim to capture the importance of both positive and negative space by exploring the body through form and light. Strong contours are created by the top of the knee, arch of the neck and bend of the wrist emphasizing that the beauty of the positive would not exist without the negative. The shapes formed by the different contours are just as beautiful and important as the figure as a whole. The relationship between the positive and negative is symbiotic—the positive space could not be as striking without the negative and the negative has a natural beauty as a result of the positive. I capture both white positive on black negative and black positive on white negative, displaying that one value does not eclipse the other. Limiting my work to black and white magnifies the communication of positive and negative space—incredibly simple, yet at the same time infinitely complex.