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2013 | Anna Leach

Every day we interact with hundreds of people - passing them on the sidewalk, reading their words on screens, listening to their conversations without noticing. From these experiences, we subconsciously glean first impressions. With this project I am interested in the second step of interaction - the exchange of words with the cashier, the pleasantries passed back and forth on the elevator, the greetings swapped when holding a door open. With this, a person gains a new vision of the stranger. These almost-first-impressions are remarkably candid; both parties subconsciously extend a part of themselves that might normally be hidden away. In finding the portraits, I try to encourage these interactions, talking with each of the subjects, exchanging a piece of me for a snippet of them. While photographs cannot tell a viewer the subject's entire story, they do offer a glimpse of a life. They portray the same synergy discovered when communicating with someone new. Breaking down barriers between strangers forges a strange kind of connection between those involved, giving each individual a novel perspective. These photos are my attempt to broaden my worldview.