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2013 | Heather Parrie

My fascination with what other’s cannot see or otherwise refuse to see in people causes me to, when taking portraits, primarily look for that one unguarded and unplanned moment where the subject’s soul peeks out and can be captured. I focus on the face, so the viewer’s attention is uninhibited by bias, context, and unnecessary details as much as possible in the hopes that my photographs will reveal an aspect of the subject, be it a memory, an emotion, or a personality trait that the subject allows me to become witness to if only for a moment behind the camera. I convey vulnerability in order to show the parts of people so often hide from view. My goal as a photographer is to bring this vulnerability out of the subject, and to make an image that shows what I see in that moment when the subject has their guard down, in order to make their emotion relatable and understandable to the viewer. I want the vulnerability shown on a face, immortalized in a photograph, to expose to people things they will not ever see naturally—individual emotions, experiences, and stories that are so often hidden from human view.