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2013 | Samantha Wilkinson

Throughout my work I toy with the idea of staged candidness. While the subject’s are aware of the camera they are still free to act with the objects and people around them as they so choose. However, I am in control of the design and the setting of which the images are shot at. By allowing the subject to have more volition in their movements and actions, I am able to capture a moment of un-staged beauty. In this collection I focus on the quiet, unseen moments between couples. I want to capture the true essence of a relationship. A couple’s down time is possibly the most intimate there is, and to get a picture of it is nearly impossible. I want to make the viewer almost uncomfortable, as if they’re looking in on a moment in a couple’s personal life. These seemingly insignificant moments are when the barriers between two people are broken and they are able to behave as organically as possible. Having been in a relationship myself for over a year, I know that these moments may appear to be simple and irrelevant but are possibly the closet to another person one can get. I’d like to give people an inside perspective to these loving moments. Therefore, I choose to only use models that are currently in relationships.