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2013 | JaWuan Wallace

“A closed mouth never gets fed,”,my dad always told me. This means if you don't open your mouth to speak out nothing will happen –nothing will change. What’s the reason for having a voice if you don’t utilize it? We are blessed with the ability to communicate from birth. With a closed mouth we lack a key to interaction. Listening to my father’s statement I have made it to where I am now–surrounded by loving family, encouraging friends, and teachers. If it wasn’t for initiating with my teacher about learning photography I would have never been in a position to be able to be in the news, run my business, work as the school photographer, and meet great people who have helped me down the lines. Speaking with them over the years has helped create a path toward greatness. Your voice greets friends, gains strength, and combined give ease and relief on this path where struggles can be conquered and opportunities unlocked.