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2014 | Heather Burton

The overall sentimental attachments and wondrous shapes of stones is what first attracted me to the Olathe Cemetery. The eerie atmosphere of a grave yard is forbidden land to me. It is a place I have been blessed to be unfamiliar with, and a place I hope to stay that way. It is a place filled with memories and mementos for loved ones who have been lost. I lost one of my best friends in 9th grade, but I never had to watch him be buried. So as I stepped into this cemetery, shivers went down my spine as my heart ache for the rows and rows of stones representing those who have passed away. It was important to me to face my fears of death and loss and to remember those who I have personally parted ways with. Saying goodbye is ultimately the hardest part of life we all have to face and it was time for me to stop avoiding it.