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2014 | Emma Girson

My photography depicts an array of emotions one encounters upon entering an infrequently visited neighborhood, ranging from a state of rejection to one of acceptance. I often happen upon places or situations in which, by the rules of society, I should feel estranged or uncomfortable, but my experience is quite the contrary. Even if I feel somewhat shut out at first, it is only due to the fact that what I am experiencing is new, but then all that I am left with is the chance to explore. Though I may be placed in a different area of the city, in a different social class with different norms, life is actually eerily similar in many respects wherever you go. Unfamiliarity should not stand as an obstacle but rather an opportunity to widen boundaries. By including varied subjects, narrative and not, I hope to encourage viewers to consider all terms of encountering boundaries so they, too, can pursue unknown territory with a sense of connection.