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2014 | Veronica Loskutova

As an immigrant from Russia, my view on America has never been typical. I have experienced two vastly different cultures firsthand, and feel equally out of place in both. I grew up in a country where misery and poverty were prominent as the societal norm, and the transition to the United States, a place so colored by a false feeling of carefree joy and commercial prosperity, was overwhelming. I feel like an outsider almost everywhere I go, and I cannot relate to the American dream. Since I’ve never truly felt like an American, I depict the country as a foreigner would; vast, proud, disparate, and often uninviting. My work often has themes of pervasive consumerist culture, erroneous grandeur, and isolation. I depict people in solitude or alienation, despite their favorable circumstances and collective ideology, to reflect my own perceptions and experiences.