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2014 | Zanah Maggio

I am a suburban young adult who lives in the midst of Johnson County. Where I live, the buildings are small, alike, and boring. Because of seeing the same-old, same-old, I went to a place that is unique to me—the city. It is an area that I occasionally visit but I have never gone there to wander around. There, I stood next to buildings hundreds of feet off the ground and I looked like a tiny five foot ant compared to any one of them. As I took in their various characteristics, the buildings broke away from the humdrum repetition that I seem to see every day. While I explored the scenery even more, I found that I constantly kept my head up in awe at the skyscrapers. I have a strange attraction to the city, even though I rarely visit. The city makes me wonder because it represents my dreams. It represents where I want my future to be.