New Dimensions
Abigail Lutz

Photography serves as a way for me to explore unknown parts of the world and unknown parts of myself. These places—often foreign and insignificant—become a part of who I am. To some, photographing a dilapidated building may sound dirty, boring, and possibly scary. But these decrepit buildings, aging railroads, and broken wine bottles are exactly what I find beautiful. The history of the object is intriguing and the fact that no one cares about them anymore is what pushes me to document them before they are gone forever. I photograph these items not because they portray a strong message to the entire world, but because they send one to me. My photography is a game of lost and found. No matter what I do, I know that I can find the beauty in the old and the splendor in the spoiled. The places I go and the objects I see are my picture book—a forever-expanding encyclopedia that just so happens to document my life in the process.

Lost and Found, 2012

Still Life, 2012

The Day After, 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around, 2012

When the Children are Away, 2012

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