New Dimensions
Leah Nelson

My photographs are unfinished fragments of time. When I take a photograph, I am reminded that we live in an ever-changing world where nothing is ever permanent. By capturing a moment, I am keeping a piece of something, or someone that would have deteriorated otherwise. In my work, I project an aspect of aging and self-discovery in the essence of the decomposition of human life. We cycle through our lives quickly, leaving pieces of ourselves behind, conforming and molting as we progress in our discovery. I represent different aspects of our being that form battlefields within, and reflect on the war between good and evil that rages in everyone. I base my work off of my personal experiences, thoughts, emotions, and inquiries. I want my photographs to expose people to a different side of living, seeing the erosion of youthfulness and the changes and struggles faced throughout a lifespan.

Growing Up, 2012

My Own Devil, 2012

Only I, 2012

Trilogy, 2012

Waging Wars, 2012

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