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Please be sure to read the Scholarship Brochure before completing the online application.

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Scholarship Application Form

Be sure to fill out the scholarship application completely. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Please include emergency contact information for the student.

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Sponsor Details
A sponsor is someone who thinks the student would benefit from participation in classes and has awareness of the family’s financial status. A sponsor may be a teacher, counselor, religious leader, youth worker, community professional or social worker. A family member may not sponsor a student. Note: The sponsor is not responsible for any fees or costs associated with the programs. They will be contacted to confirm the student’s eligibility to the program, please ensure their details are correct.
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WIC School Lunch Program Medicaid and Medicare SSI Food Stamps
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Under $10,000
     If over $30,000, indicate amount of income
Please indicate any special financial circumstances that influence your family’s financial situation:
Emergency Contact Information:
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What is this person’s race? Mark one or more races to indicate what this person considers himself/herself to be.
American Indian or Alaska Native
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Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
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