Youth Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program
Each year, 10% of students enrolled in art classes are recipients of a Nelson-Atkins scholarship. By providing financial assistance to qualified students, the Scholarship Program ensures that all children can experience the unique classes in the Ford Learning Center.

Scholarships are awarded to students based on financial need and a desire to participate. To be considered for a scholarship students must be recommended by a sponsor.

Please be sure to read the Scholarship Brochure before completing the online application. Scholarship Brochure

New Students and Expired Applications
If applying for a new student or a returning student whose original application is over a year old please complete a new application.

Scholarship Application Form

Returning Students
If applying for a returning student with a qualifying application less than one year old, please submit a request for studio classes.

Studio Session Request Form

Deadline to receive Spring 2015 scholarship applications and studio session requests is May 11, 2015.

Scholarship Brochure
and Application, English (PDF)
Scholarship Brochure and Application, EspaƱol (PDF)

Studio Session Request, English (PDF)
Studio Session Request, Spanish (PDF)

Schedule of Scholarship Eligible Classes (PDF)

If you require more information about participating in this program contact us at

Scholarship applications for students who meet the criteria of the program will be kept on file for up to one year.  All students should submit a new application annually.

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