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From the European collection.

Jan Steen Fantasy Interior

The man seated in the center is a brewer from the old Dutch city of Haarlem, where beer is still made today, and the elephant in the painting above the fireplace refers to the name of his brewery, which was called the Elephant.

From the European collection.

Georges-Pierre Seurat Study for A Bathing Place, Asnieres

This work demonstrates Seurat’s favored ‘halo’ effect. The artist places dark colors next to light so that the seated figure to the stands out against his background.

From the European collection.

Paul Cezanne Mont Sainte-Victoire

The curving lines in the sky suggest the effect of the mistral, the strong wind of the South of France

From the European collection.

John Constable The Dell at Helmingham Park

Constable includes the figure of a woman in red who offsets the dominant green tones of the composition.

From the European collection.

Lucas Cranach The Three Graces

The artist is here trying to compete with the three dimensionality of sculpture by showing the nudes from the front, back and side.

From the European collection.

Gaspare Traversi The Arts: Music

In this satirical painting the bystanders are admiring the young lady for her personal attractions more than for her playing; so they are not as cultivated as they seem.

From the European collection.

Gaetano Gandolfi Assumption of the Virgin

Here the figures are seen from below since this is a sketch for an illusionistic ceiling painting.

From the European collection.

Vincent van Gogh Olive Orchard

This work was painted in the olive groves around the St. Rémy mental asylum in the South of France where Van Gogh lived from 1889-1890.

From the European collection.

Joseph Mallord William Turner The Fish Market at Hastings Beach

This work is notable for the shafts of light which burst through the clouds and demonstrate Turner’s originality as a painter of atmosphere and a precursor of the Impressionists.

From the European collection.

John Hoppner Portrait of Emily St. Clare

The sitter is wearing a high-waisted dress typical of the neoclassical period and inspired by the fashion of ancient Rome.

From the European collection.

Goncal Peris de Sarria and Workshop Altarpiece with Scenes from the Life of the Virgin

This is one of the most complete examples of a Spanish Gothic altarpiece in the USA. Usually only individual panels from such complex works have survived.

From the European collection.

Petrus Christus Virgin and Child in a Domestic Interior

This painting places the Holy family in a typical late medieval interior, with authentic details like the chandelier hanging from the wooden beams or the chamber pot under the corner of the bed.

From the European collection.

Terbrugghen The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist

The right hand part of this painting is missing, as you can see from the figure to the right holding the platter, who seems abruptly cut off.

From the European collection.

Nicolas de Largilliere Augustus the Strong

Despite his warlike pose the sitter was also the founder of the Meissen porcelain factory in Dresden and so a great patron of the arts.

From the European collection.

Wtwael The Martyrdome of Saint Sebastian

In the foreground you can see a crossbow and a longbow, which refer to the fact that the saint was martyred with arrows.

From the European collection.

Paul Gauguin Faaturuma

The sitter wears a wedding band on her finger and is believed to be Gauguin’s Tahitian child bride, Tehura.

From the European collection.

Gustave Caillebotte Portrait of Richard Gallo

The sitter was a well-known Parisian editor of the newspaper Le Charivari . In this picture, Gallo holds a rival newspaper, Le Figaro, on his lap.

From the European collection.

Lorenzo di Credi Madonna and Child with the Infant Saint John the Baptist

This painting is the nearest we have to a Leonardo da Vinci in the museum, especially in the soft flesh tones and the way the drapery clings to the Virgin’s limbs.

From the European collection.

Sebastian Pether The Eruption of Vesuvius

The artist emphasizes the impressiveness of the scene by including tiny bystanders at bottom left who are dwarfed by the natural spectacle.

From the European collection.

Camille Pissarro Poplars, Sunset at Eragny

This work was once owned by the founder of the Nelson-Atkins, William Rockhill Nelson, who acquired it in 1896.

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