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From the SSE Asian collection.

Cosmetic Tray with “The Death of Adonis"

This small cosmetic tray depicting Adonis being slain by a boar came from the ruins of a Greek site. The ancient city of Taxila in modern Pakistan was a part of the Bactrian Greek Empire and was ruled by a Greek king circa 2nd century B.C.E.

From the SSE Asian collection.

Vasudhara, the Goddess of Abundance

Vasudhara is the Buddhist goddess of wealth and prosperity, quite similar in many ways to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. This six-armed image of Vasudhara holds several attributes, including an overflowing vase, a book—representing wisdom, and a sheath of co

From the SSE Asian collection.

Afrasiyab Killing Nauder, a page from Book of Kings

The Mongols brought examples of Chinese painting and textiles with them across Asia, which are likely the inspiration for the silk textiles used in the clothing and the craggy ink-painted rocks in the background of this painting created in Mongol-controll

From the SSE Asian collection.

Lintel Fragment with Indra on his Three-Headed Elephant

Indra, the King of the gods in Hinduism, is the bringer of rain and storms, while his three-headed elephant, Airavata, symbolizes the accompanying clouds and thunder. This relief carving of Indra and Airavata originally decorated a temple wall.

From the SSE Asian collection.

A Celestial Nymph

This sculpture stands with her back to us, looking down because she once graced a corner of the upper superstructure of an Indian temple. From there, she would look down at the viewer, and we would meet her gaze.

From the SSE Asian collection.

Karaikkal Ammaiyar, a Shaiva Saint

This abstract-looking bronze sculpture of a seated woman is actually a portrait sculpture of a famous 6th century South Indian saint. Karaikkal Ammaiyar (which means the “Mother from the city of Karaikkal”) is famous for her devotional songs to the Hindu

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