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Albrecht Dürer: A Master and his Impact

Albrecht Dürer: A Master and his Impact

Albrecht Dürer was an innovative and enterprising artist of the Northern Renaissance who exerted enormous influence on his contemporaries and artists of succeeding generations. Few artists have equaled Dürer’s ability to capture minute differences in texture, surface, and light or rivaled his innovative approach to subject matter. His technical mastery transformed printmaking into an art form equal to that of painting and sculpture.

This rotation of approximately 22 works will celebrate Dürer’s achievements as a printmaker and explore how other artists absorbed and adapted his innovations.

St Jerome in His Study
Albrecht Dürer, German, 1471-1528. Saint Jerome in His Study, 1514, Engraving. Gift of Mr. Robert B. Fizzell, 58-70/21.
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