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Tivoli Films
Tivoli: Kind Hearts and Coronets

106 minutes, 1949
English, Black and White

“Often cited as the definitive black, eccentric British comedy, yet it’s several cuts better than practically anything else in the genre.”
— Dave Kehr

Ninth in line for the D’Ascoyne fortune, poor relation Louis (Dennis Price) sets out to bump off the other eight heirs ahead of him, including a general, a parson, and a dowager all played by Alec Guinness. As always, true love complicates life for Louis. The classic English black comedy is presented in a new meticulously restored print.

KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS – Trailer from Rialto Pictures on Vimeo.

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Also shows Jan 13
$10 per person
$7 | Members