Frequently Asked Questions

Top Questions

Why did membership levels and prices change?

Our updated prices and levels, effective May 1, were carefully considered and benchmarked nationally to best support the museum while offering meaningful benefits to members. Your support helps us welcome over 500,000 visitors annually and keeps the museum free for all! 

How do the new membership prices affect my current membership?

If you are a current member, your membership price will not change until you are up for renewal. 

Where can I find my membership level?

You can locate your membership level on your digital membership card under “Member Level” on the front. 

As of May 1, Friends of Art and Society of Fellows member level names have changed as follows: 

Individual is now Member 
YFA Individual is now Member 
Duo is now Member Plus 
YFA Duo is now Member Plus
Family is now Member Plus 
YFA Family is now Member Plus
Art Explorer is now Art Explorer
Art Lover is now Art Lover
Patron is now Patron Circle
Collector’s Circle is now Collector Circle
Benefactor is now Leadership Circle 
Curator’s Circle is now Curator Circle 
Director’s Circle is now Director Circle 
Chairman’s Circle is now President Circle 

What is the Young Friends of Art?

Members between the ages of 21 – 40 are invited to select Young Friends of Art (YFA) when purchasing a membership. YFA members will be invited to an annual special exhibition happy hour.  

When will I receive my digital membership card?

Please allow 4-5 business days to process your membership into our Digital Member Card system. You will receive an email with a link to access your digital membership card from the email address If you prefer a printed card, please contact your Membership Team at 

Is my membership tax deductible?

Yes, all membership levels have some amount of tax deductibility dependent on the fair market value of benefits received. Tax information is included on your official receipt. Contact us at 816.751.1278 or email for another copy of your receipt.  

How do I renew or upgrade my membership?

Renew online, onsite, or by calling 816.751.1278. For mid-year upgrades or payment questions, contact us. 
If your membership is paid through monthly installments through your credit card or checking account, this payment option assumes a twelve-month commitment to receive benefits.   

Can I share my membership?

Membership materials are sent to one address. Cardholders must reside in the same household.

I already renewed, why am I still getting renewal requests?

Whoops! Sometimes we cross with snail-mail. Please disregard if you have already renewed. If you have any questions about the status of your membership, please contact us at or 816.751.1278. 

Are memberships transferable or refundable?

Museum memberships are a tax-deductible gift; therefore, they are not refundable or transferrable.

How do I update my contact info?

Log in to your account online or contact us at or 816.751.1278 for assistance.

Do I need to reserve a ticket?

For General Admission and for Featured Exhibitions – no reservations are required! Your member card provides ticketless entry for you and your guests. 

If I lose my printed membership card, may I request a new one?

Yes, you may request a new card, but we encourage you to download your digital membership card! Please note that to reduce cost and plastic use, we cannot resend membership cards to members within two months of their expiration date.

Digital Member Cards

We are excited to debut new and improved digital membership cards! 

How do I download my membership card into my digital wallet?

Simply click the “Add to my wallet” button on your screen after accessing your card. Your digital card will pop up. Again select “Add”, this will automatically add your membership card to your phone’s wallet app. Click here for a complete “How To.”

How do other cardholders on my membership access their digital member card?

The primary cardholder can forward the welcome email containing the access link to other members on the account. Alternatively, if you’ve added your card to your wallet, you can text the link to other members.

How many users are allowed per digital member card?

The membership allows the same number of users as you were issued when you joined the Nelson-Atkins. Your membership is not transferable.

Will my digital member card work in the parking garage?

Yes! Make sure to have your screen brightness up to 50% for optimal scanning ability. 

How do I update the information on my card if it’s incorrect?

We’re happy to assist with any updates or corrections to your digital membership card. Please email us at with the necessary changes.  

Can I use my digital member card to receive reciprocal privileges at other museums?

Yes, members with Member Plus or higher levels can enjoy free admission at partner museums using the digital card. Look for the eligibility icon on your digital card’s front. 

Will my digital card update when I renew my Membership?

Yes, your digital card will automatically update when your Membership information changes, so you only need to download your card once! Please note that if you renew early, your new expiration date will refresh once your current Membership ends. 

How do I find my member ID number?

If you have a member card, your member ID is located on the front. You may also contact your Membership team at for further assistance.

How do I access my Business Council digital member card?

You should have received a welcome email from museum staff with access to your cards. If you did not receive this email, please contact the membership team at 

Is my Business Council digital member card transferable?

Yes. You may selectively share your digital member card with colleagues across your company for one-off visits to the museum.  


Do I get free admission to all events?

Most member and museum events are free for members. If there is a cost, members typically receive a discount. Please note Shuttlecork and The C100 Luncheon are not discounted. 

Do members have to pay for parking in the garage?

Members receive FREE parking in the garage during museum hours (based on availability). Show your digital Member Card to activate the garage arm (make sure your screen brightness is at 50% or higher).  

How many tickets do I get?

Members receive free tickets to featured exhibitions based on your membership level. Use your Member Card to skip the line and access your daily allotment of free tickets. (Yep, there’s no annual limit – members can see featured exhibitions every day for free!) 

Are there any discounts on membership?

We offer $10 discount on any level of membership for seniors, students, veterans, and educators; these discounts cannot be stacked or combined with other promotions. We are only able to honor this offer for onsite membership purchases.

Does membership come with reciprocal privileges are other museums?

Yes, members with Member Plus or higher levels can enjoy free admission at partner museums using the digital card. Look for the eligibility icon on your digital card’s front. Learn more about participating museums here. 

What is The Committee of 100 (C100)?

The Committee of 100 (C100) is dedicated to advancing the mission of the museum through unique programs that focus on art, architecture, and design. All Society of Fellows ($1,500+) and Art Lover level ($575) can participate in programs hosted by the C100 throughout the year.   

To learn more about the C100, click here.  

Which membership levels qualify for museum travel opportunities?

The museum provides Society of Fellows members a variety of extradentary art-focused travel options across various levels.  

  • All Society of Fellows members gain access to The Museum Travel Alliance, a consortium of museums and cultural institutions who plan group travel.  
  • Collector Circle members ($3,000) gain access to museum led national travel opportunities.       
  • Director Circle members ($25,000) gain access to Director-led national and international travel opportunities.  

For more information about travel with the Nelson-Atkins please contact Sara Hale at 816.751.0426 or