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Tickets Requirements

  • Non-members need to reserve free tickets in order to visit anywhere within the museum, including Rozzelle Court. Tickets can be reserved online in advance or by checking in with guest services at any of our museum entrances. 
  • Members do not need to make reservations for themselves or their guests to visit the museum – including featured exhibitions. Your member card provides ticketless entry. 
  • Visiting the Donald J. Hall Sculpture Park outside the museum is free and does not require reservations. Entrance to Glass Labyrinth is currently closed and is anticipated to re-open in spring 2024. 

Reserve Tickets

Map of Museum Accessibility and Passenger Drop off Location

To locate passenger, drop off, rideshare and taxi drop off and pick up, please view the below map.

The parking garage is on Oak Street, just south of 45th Street on the west side of the Museum.
Free parking is available for up to 30 minutes without ticket validation.
Over 30 minutes, non-members pay a fee of $14 per vehicle. Members always park for free!

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Download Smartify

Download Smartify in the App Store or Google Play to create your own tour. Find audio stories and American Sign Language videos.

  • Step 1: Download the app onto your iPhone or iPad or Android or Pixel.
  • Step 2: Open Smartify, then search for The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
  • Step 3: Choose a tour or browse our collection at your own pace


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Outdoor Photography

  • All photographers must sign in prior to each photography session. Sign in online below.
  • Portrait photography is not permitted inside the museum. 
  • Photographs of the art and museum premises are taken for the personal use of those involved and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes. (Portrait and bridal photographers may sell their photographs to clients if those clients are the subjects of the photographs.)
  • To help us preserve outdoor sculptures and the reflecting pool, do not touch, climb, or lean props or equipment on them. 

Photography Sign-In Form